2018 Management Theory and Practice Conference
Program Overview

Venue: Silks Place Taroko, Hualien, Taiwan

【Day 1】April 1, 2018 (Sunday)
Time Agenda
Registration Zhong Shan Ballroom 2 (1F)
Open Ceremony
Keynote Speech 1
Determinants of Liquidity and Liquidity Premium: A Cross-Country Perspective
Professor Allaudeen Hameed, National University of Singapore
Welcome Banquet at Taroko Zhong Shan Ballroom 1 (1F)
Session 1
Concurrent Session 1.1: Information and Investment
Chair: Stanley Chang
Meeting Room:
The Plum (B1)
0109 Investment Decision and Customer-Supplier Relationship: The Case of U.S. Software Industry
0087 Can fair value accounting exclude arbitrary claims for non-impairment?
0112 Voluntary Audit Committees and Audit Quality: Evidence from Taiwan
0063 Directors’ and Officers’ Liability Insurance and Corporate Investment
Concurrent Session 1.2: Investment
Chair:  Jason J. H. Yeh
Meeting Room:
The Orchid (B1)
0035 Markov Switching in the Volatility of the Philippine Stock Market
0041 CDS Spreads, Systemic Risk, and G-SII Designations
0044 Information Security Risk and Costs of Capital: Evidence from Taiwan's Electronics Industry
0111 The prediction of Bitcoin price based on technical indicators
Concurrent Session 1.3: Strategy and Innovation Decision
Chair: Chih-Peng Chu
Meeting Room:
The Bamboo (B1)
0055 Does Corporate Political Activity Make Firms More Innovative?
0100 Creating and capturing value through pure-play manufacturing strategy in open business model innovation
0062 Would new CEOs make firms more exploratory? Evidence on CEO succession and exploratory orientation
0075 Acquisition Propensity, Growth Options, and Intellectual-Asset Stewardship
Coffee Break B1 Hallway
Session 2
Concurrent Session 2.1: Leadership and Performance
Chair: Tzu-Shian Han
Meeting Room:
The Plum (B1)
0066 The Relationship between employee and supervisor, affective organizational commitment and the relationship between organizational citizenship behavior: The moderating effect of incentive-enhancing preferences
0106 Heavy Work Investment and Job Burnout:The Moderation Role of Health Promotion and Psychological Capital
0082 Effects of Subordinate Physical Attractiveness and Impression Management Tactics on Supervisor Performance Ratings: Implications of Elaboration Likelihood Model
0103 The influence of employee use social network application with their supervisors on job performance and relationship performance
Concurrent Session 2.2: Strategy and Innovation System
Chair: Fang-Ming Hsu
Meeting Room:
The Orchid (B1)
0108 Examining Public-Public and Public-Private Partnership of Information Systems in Taiwan
0084 The association between Capital types and Performance of Cultural and creative industry in Taiwan
0088 From ODM to OBM: Artificial Intelligence Assistant of Product Positioning and Customer Service
0048 The Relationship between Prior Loss/Profit and Later Loss Aversion Measured based on Disposition Effect
Concurrent Session 2.3: Corporate Finance and Insurance
Chair: Tzu-Ting Lin
Meeting Room:
The Bamboo (B1)
0065 The process model of corporate governance, ethical leadership and firm performance
0105 The Effects of Bank Loan Contracting on IFRS Reconciliations: Evidences from Taiwan
0057 In-House Actuaries and Sarbanes-Oxley: The Case of Property-Casualty Insurers
0110 Can CEO Duality Lead to Successful Corporate Turnaround?
Taroko Tour  
【Day 2】April 2, 2018 (Monday)
Time Agenda
Session 3
Concurrent Session 3.1: Current Issues in Auditing
Chair: Rong-Ruey Duh
Meeting Room:
The Plum (B1)
0042 The Effect of Fair Value versus Historical Cost on Stock Price Crash Risk: Evidence from Investment Property
0077 The Information Content of Key Audit Matters- the Market Reaction to the New Audit Report in Taiwan
0085 Performance Appraisal in Audit Firms: Effects of Superior Performance and Impression of Subordinates
0098 Macroeconomic Uncertainty and Audit Pricing
Concurrent Session 3.2: International Business
Chair: Hsueh-Liang Wu
Meeting Room:
The Orchid (B1)
0037 Governance Bundle during the Transition from Relation-based to Rule-based System: Why East Asia Has So Many Rules
0074 The Impact of Ownership structure and Location Choices of International Joint Ventures and the Value of Growth Options
0076 Brand cultural meaning that influence customer global vs. local brand decision
Concurrent Session 3.3: Financial Institutions
Chair: Yao-Min Chiang
Meeting Room:
The Bamboo (B1)
0067 Bank Transparency, Threat of Bank Runs, and Bank Risk-Taking
0068 Free Riding Dominates Bid Shading in Treasury Auctions
0101 The Value of Institutional Brokerage Relationships:
Evidence From The Collapse of Lehman Brothers
Coffee Break B1 Hallway
Session 4
Keynote Speech 2
Vertical Competition, Systematic Risk, and Expected Returns
Professor John Wei, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Meeting Room:
The Plum (B1)
Concurrent Session 4.1: Human Resources Management
Chair: Tun-Chun Huang
Meeting Room:
The Orchid (B1)
0080 How to Self-promotion in the Interview? The Effects of Past-achievement Oriented and Future-potential oriented Self-promotion Tactics on interview Evaluations: Moderating Effect of Felt Accountability and Task Significance
0102 The linkages between extraversion and service outputs: The mediated effect of work vigor and moderated effect of coworker support
0083 Research methods, self-reported limitations, and future research suggestions in Taiwan OB/HRM research: Analysis and recommendations
0114 Does Good Academic Performance Impact Employee Loyalty in Professional Service Industry? From the Perspective of Self-Esteem
Concurrent Session 4.2: Electronic Commerce
Chair: Wun-Hwa Chen
Meeting Room:
The Bamboo (B1)
0090 The Way to Reconstructing Relationship:The Characteristics and Effects of Consumer Forgiveness in E - commerce
0061 Towards a model of the relationship between design thinking and innovation
0092 An integrated Product Returns Management Mechanism: A Focus on Virtual Retailers
0104 A Charities Matching Platform Based on Deferred Acceptance Algorithm
Session 5
Concurrent Session 5.1: Consumer Behavior
Chair: Heng-Chiang Huang
Meeting Room:
The Plum (B1)
0115 An Examination of the Effect of Green Message Credibility on Consumers’ Perceived Greenwash 
0086 Happiness by Design? A Self-Construction Framework of Networking and Proteus Effects in Online Games
0091 Who is “greener”?: a generational comparative study of green behaviors between generations X and Y
Concurrent Session 5.2: Disclosure and Pricing
Chair: Kun-Chih Chen
Meeting Room:
The Orchid (B1)
0030 Terrorist Attacks, Managerial Sentiment, and Corporate Disclosures
0056 Puzzles in the Pricing of Cross-listed Shares: Chinese A and H Shares
0094 Why market react negatively to CSR reports?
0107 Earnings Management and Stock Returns
Concurrent Session 5.3:
Symposium: Reactions to Abusive Supervision
Chair: Shin-Guang Liang
Meeting Room:
The Bamboo (B1)
0117 Subordinates’ reactions to own abusive supervision when peers are also abused: An attribution perspective
0116 Coping with abusive supervision: The roles of social adaptability and counterproductive work behavior
0118 A daily investigation of the relationship between abusive supervision and subordinates’ revenge thoughts
0119  A study of the relationship between abusive supervision and work
engagement: The moderating role of ability-based face need
Award Ceremony and Lunch
Meeting Room:
The Plum & Orchid (B1)